Custom lead processing tuned over years of testing

Conversion-driven design and UX

Know-how for incredibly effective campaigns

Personal approach and support


Brand loan form Extensive information required

BrandLoan provider approval process

4% Approved (CPS)

96% Denied (CPS)


Hyper Form Advanced data gathering

Hyper lead processing Analyzing the lead & finding best providers

15 - 25% (CPS)
100% (CPA)

75 - 85% (CPS)
0% (CPA)

We cooperate with many loan providers. We only ask for minimal set of information that is necessary to process the application. This way we push your conversion rates to the max. Combination of these and som other clever techniques created the Leadmatica platform.

Over 500 000 € paid in commissions

Almost 400 000 leads processed

Our 5th year of strong market presence

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